Internet Dates from Hell

Internet Dates from Hell

Taken from Chapter 3

Don't meet your date in a foreign country

As we backed the car into a U-turn, I glanced to see both women once again waving with both arms overhead, while Simon stoically concentrated on the drive home. I asked him, "What monster stories are they referring to?"

After a few moments of contemplation he just replied, "It is too risky for me to get into. The fact that I even took the chance to come to the United States to see you was like suicide."

"I think I have the right to know," I responded. "After all, you referred to me as your future wife."

After a pause he divulged his secret. "Look dear, there's a price on my head."

"What in the hell are you talking about?" I demanded.

He proceeded to tell me that he had lived in Los Angeles for a few years, and he had been married to an American girl. He said he had gotten into some things and the U.S. government had pursued him. "What things?" I insisted. More silence. Then he continued to share. They had put him into an American jail for a few months. I asked him what kind of stuff he was into. He told me that he was educating the people on covert government operations in Washington, D.C. "Like what?" I asked. It only took one question and Simon spoke for the next two hours. He spewed the following craziness to me:

1. Washington, D.C., is led by an evil social order, established several hundred years ago, whose insignia can be found on any U.S. currency. This group holds most of the power and influence not only in our government, but also in other governments all over the world.

2. Our current president is the antichrist and his wife is a full-fledged witch.

3. The New World Order directly correlates to World Government Fronts. They have training centers for a global army of psycho-social agents, which are groups that house the masterminds of global transformation strategies.

4. The obelisk (Washington monument) is demonic and was made to be a phallic symbol, sarcastically symbolic of the male-dominated society in which we live. The entire layout of Washington, D.C., is serpentine, representing the earliest known earthly vision of the devil.

I was stunned. I didn't know whether to laugh or ask more questions. Because I am a very curious person, I decided to ask more, and he obliged.

5. The microchip is the beginning of the end. In the book of Revelations, it states that the end of the world will come when the government forces the people of the world to implant a chip into their skin so that every person's move can be watched. He referred to it as the "Big Brother chip." This is the way for them to track our lives, including our identities, our bank accounts, our experiences, our plans, our dreams - everything.

"What does this all mean?" I asked.

He replied, "Your government is a representation of the devil! This society is a direct link to the ancient Wiccas, Babels, and Tummuz, which spans thousands of years."

"How come I've never heard of this?" I asked.

Simon responded, "Most people don't know that in 1776, a man named Adam Weishaupt. founded the Luciferic order, which was created as a special order meaning 'ones with light,' signifying its members had been initiated into the secret teachings of Lucifer, the supposed 'light bearer.'" I was both intrigued and afraid. I asked Simon to tell me more. He went on to say that there were conspiracies all over America. He added that the New Mexican government is hiding seven strands of aliens in the desert.

"How do you know?" I inquired. He told me that he has videotapes to prove that aliens exist. He mentioned Amazons, Green men, and aliens like E.T., among others.

There I was in England, 4,000 miles away from home sweet home, listening to all of this freaky stuff. I didn't know what to do. I had planned to be in England four more days. How would I get out of this one? What do most people do when they need help to get themselves out of a mess? Yes, they call their mother. That night I called my mom when Simon was asleep, and I told her to call back first thing in the morning to say that I needed to return to the States immediately due to a sick aunt. "I told you so!" my mom replied. "They're all nuts on the Internet. Should I call the police?" I told my mom I would be OK and would take necessary precautions. First thing in the morning, I'd get my ass out.

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