Internet Dates from Hell

Internet Dates from Hell

Michael Gerhardt (Pulitzer Prize nominee author) - for marking up the first pages of this book and providing the necessary guidance and assistance so that I could navigate the difficult world of publishing, and also for being my mentor in this wonderful world of writing.

Becky Moran - for believing in me from the very first time I mentioned this project to you.

John Small (brother and professor of English literature) - for helping me to appear literate and making me look at the style of my writing in a totally different light.

Roger - for being there for me through all of these crazy dates and still being a wise counsel, best friend, and moral supporter.

Carolyn Sikora - for listening to my endless whining about Internet dating and pointing out what's important in a mate.

Isabella McClancy - for being my ray of sunshine each day at work and for making me feel that I am not as neurotic as I think I am.

Paula Crayon (my partner in crime) - for always making me laugh out loud and making me be as gutsy as you.

Gerald Lee (artist of the images in the book) - for the amazing talent that you possess and enhancing my book.

Peter Small (brother, aka "Seep") - for keeping an eye on me and protecting me throughout our childhood.

Patrick Ventker (aka Mr. Fantastic) - for always believing and saying exactly how you feel.

Pat and John Small (aka Mom and Dad) - for not freaking out on me after reading this book.

Maxie (my three-pound canine) - for your unconditional love and for keeping my lap warm throughout the endless editing process.

Past Internet Dates - for giving me material and inspiring me to write this book, and for our unforgettable encounters.

  Trisha Ventker
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