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Internet Dates From Hell Optioned by Film Producer Paula Wagner

Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI), the world leader in indie book publishing, is pleased to announce that prominent Hollywood producer Paula Wagner has optioned the film, television and stage rights to the iUniverse title INTERNET DATES FROM HELL by Trisha Ventker. The book was presented to Ms. Wagner, producer of such films as "Mission: Impossible" I, II and III, "Vanilla Sky," "The Others" and "The Last Samurai," after Ventker pitched the property to various Hollywood executives at ASI's inaugural Book-to-Screen PitchFest, held July 22-23 in Los Angeles.

Read the full story at Author Solutions, Inc., Announces iUniverse Title Optioned by Film Producer Paula Wagner

Author Trisha Ventker
Internet Dates from Hell

Internet Dates from Hell is not only a guide; it is also a six-year journey through author Trisha Ventker's dating life as a single kindergarten teacher who relocated from the suburbs to New York City to find her soul mate. Fielding as many as four hundred responses in one day, and receiving more than fifty two thousand hits on her personal ad in an eight-month span, she shares her frightening but true encounters in the wonderful world of online dating.

Follow Ventker through the trials and tribulations of her quest to find "Mr. Right." Along the path, Trisha Ventker endures hundreds of first dates. Encounters include a conspiracy theorist from the United Kingdom, a religious fanatic from Texas, a sadomasochistic psychiatrist, and even a pre-op transsexual, to name a few. Ventker's brutally honest memoir lets you step inside her shoes and experience her exciting journey firsthand.


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